WIFI NOT Turning On On HP Computers Or Other Models ? - How to fix this


In a situation where the wifi stops working on your system, there are 3 possible causes,

1. A Minor System Error
2. Wifi Card Covered In Dust
3. Wifi Card Damaged

Actually. Before trying to loose your PC. You have to make sure its not a hardware problem to avoid
causing more problems to your PC. Recently My HP 630  because it's normally turned on via a button on my pc "F12" had that issue, i was alarmed at first since i normally connect to the internet via my wifi. I managed to fix it up.

Your PC Must Be running Windows 7 for this to work.

Go to Control Panel

Search For Windows Mobility Center

Click On IT

A box will show up with t\your wifi switch shown at the end. You can now turn on your wifi.

if it does not turn on it's  probably a hardware problem

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