How To Transfer Files Between Your Android And PC Without USB


I strongly believe in the AIP principle(ANDROID IS POWERFUL). I also believe that there is no other mobile os better than the android OS. I guess you probably never knew you could transfer files between your pc and android without using a usb.


Android Phone with HotSpot
Xender Android App
PC with Wifi


 1.Launch Xender on your Android.

2.Tap the plus sign use at the bottom to "Connect PC".

3.Tap the "WiFi HotSpot" Sign.

4. Next Go to your PC And turn your WiFi to detect your Android's hotspot [xender_no.].
5. Click connect.
6. Make sure your PC Browser settings connections is set to Auto-detect proxy settings for this network.
7. Look at your phone Xender to find address with http, ip and port

8. Type the address in your PC browser Mine is
Your phone will ask you for permission click "Accept" and you are connected

Now we are connected let move our files to the PC
1. Click on any of the icon [picture,videos,music,documents,apps and folders] to send the file to your PC
2. Click on file to mark them after marking click the Download at to top and choose place to save too
Vola!! YOU Are Done

Moving files to phone is next we will talk on
1. Click the desire icon you want to send file to
2. Then click on Upload File at the top of the xender in your browser
3. Navigate to the  desire PC files
4. Click on the file then click open to upload file to phone

Check your Android device; You'll notice a Red download icon when you tap it, you'll see something like the screenshot below which shows the file is moving to the phone.

Once you're done, you can tap "Disconnect" on the Xender app on your Android device.

After Reading this, you should be Able to Move any Type of files from your Android to your PC and from your PC to your An droid

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