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Gionee Dream D1Android 4.1.2Download594 MB
Gionee Elife E3Android 4.2Download770 MB
Gionee Elife E5Android 4.2Download631 MB
Gionee Elife E6Android 4.2Download900 MB
Gionee Elife E6 MiniAndroid 4.2.1Download788 MB
Gionee Elife E7 (16GB)Android 4.4.2Download2.1 GB
Gionee Elife E7 (32GB)Android 4.4.2Download2.1 GB
Gionee Elife E7 MiniAndroid 4.2.2Download809 MB
Gionee Elife G1Android 4.0Download338 MB
Gionee Elife G2Android 4.1Download530 MB
Gionee Elife G3 (512 RAM)Android 4.2Download609 MB
Gionee Elife G3 (1GB RAM)Android 4.2Download646 MB
Gionee Elife G3 (8GB ROM)Android 4.2Download646 MB
Gionee Elife G4Android 4.2Download730 MB
Gionee Elife G5Android 4.4Download956 MB
Gionee L700AndroidDownload44 MB
Gionee L800Android 4.2.2Download45 MB
Gionee  Elife S80AndroidDownload44 MB
Gionee Elife S90AndroidDownload43 MB
Gionee Elife S96AndroidDownload42 MB
Gionee  Elife T520AndroidDownload44 MB
Gionee P6Android 4.4Download935 MB
Gionee V4SAndroid 5.0Download1.2 G
Gionee GN708WAndroid 4.2.1Download318 MB
Gionee GN800Android 4.0.4Download259 MB
Gionee GN810Android 4.1.2Download517 MB
Gionee GN818TAndroid 4.0.4Download625 MB
Gionee GN868Android 4.0.3Download343 MB
Gionee GN868HAndroid 4.0.4Download507 MB
Gionee M3Android 5.0Download1.2 G
Gionee M2Android 4.4.2Download897 MB
Gionee M2 (8GB ROM)Android 4.4.2Download853 MB
Gionee Poineer P1Android 2.3Download179 MB
Gionee Poineer P2Android 4.2Download633 MB
Gionee Poineer P2SAndroid 4.2Download592 MB
Gionee Poineer P3Android 4.2Download643 MB
Gionee Poineer P4Android 4.4.2Download849 MB
Gionee Elife S5.5Android 4.4.2Download862 MB
Gionee S7Android 5.0Download770 MB
Gionee CTRL V1Android 4.0.4Download305 MB
Gionee CTRL V2Android 4.0.4Download298 MB
Gionee CTRL V3Android 4.0Download338 MB
Gionee Elife V4sAndroid 4.4Download575 MB
Gionee CTRL V5Android 4.4.2Download943 MB
Update 12/12/2016

Gionee D1

Gionee D1 0101 T5234…1BabDJHRUk

Gionee E3

Gionee E3 0102 T6672…EpPVVUzS1E

Gionee E3 0102 T8065 KK…nVyZ1hSR00

Gionee E3 0102 T8072…t=download

Gionee E3 0102 T8147…DlVSUtfQTg

Gionee E5

Gionee E5 0401 T5486…zd2MWFPOGM

Gionee E6

Gionee E6 0301 T8068…TgxNjhESmM

Gionee E7 16GB

Gionee E7 16GB 0301 T5757…i1ORUl1blk

Gionee E7 16GB 0301 T8133…DZUdEozWlU

Gionee E7 16GB 0301 T8171 KK…EhFNEI3emM

Gionee E7 32GB

Gionee E7 0301 T5831…EUyWmx6bms

Gionee E7 0301 T8143…TJPR0FWX0E

Gionee E7 0301 T8180…DVZV1Y0Wlk

Gionee E7 Mini

Gionee E7 Mini 0201 T5793…1RTeVJEMUE

Gionee E7 Mini 0201 T5885…DJ4WXZEVlk

Gionee E7 Mini 0201 T8047 MP version…W9tRUhaQlE

Gionee E7 Mini 0201 T8104…FBBRWdkQ0U

Gionee F103 

Gionee F103 0203 T5293…nhYODRaNlk

Gionee F103 0203 T5346…XU3NV8zRU0

Gionee F103 L 0203 T5970…HJvSDV2bDA

Gionee F103 M 0203 T5970…GpKcjA0Tkk

Gionee G1 

Gionee G1 0101 T1349…FVtMTlEN2s

Gionee G2 

Gionee G2 0301 T5546…TNvbVNBME0

Gionee G2 0301 T5617…zkzTFIzX0k

Gionee G3 (512 MB) 

Gionee G3 0201 T5928…WN1NHdMOWs

Gionee G3 (1GB RAM) 

Gionee G3 0202 T5902…V8wNTRlSXM

Gionee G3 0202 T5927…3ZKVHhlZmM

Gionee G3 0202 T6004…lk1eERUTU0

Gionee G3 (8GB ROM) 

Gionee G3 0203 T5946 WBW5310IN…Ww2RHhfeTA

Gionee G3 0203 T5948 (1G RAM)…kxVTnBlZHc

Gionee G3 0203 T6005…jY0aTVHdUU

Gionee G4

Gionee G4 0201…VJCRGZGeWM

Gionee G5

Gionee G5 0101 T5951…21XSlpfUU0

Gionee G5 0101 T6005…lFYWmktZXM

Gionee G5 0101 T6053…i1LVE9wTjQ

Gionee G5 0101 T6064…0lCRFF0UlU

Gionee L700

Gionee L700 0201 v2034…XpQVExDMjg

Gionee L700 0201 V2041 Whatsapp…lZnWWZoS28

Gionee L800

Gionee L800 0201 v0772…WdZdXltX2M

Gionee L800 0201 V0834 Whatsapp…Gs0RHhBdHc

Gionee M2 (4GB ROM)

Gionee M2 0101 T5163 JB…ENWVnYzV0k

Gionee M2 0101 T8090 KK…XAyM0p2VjA

Gionee M2 0101 T8144…UZCSlZ0WE0

Gionee M2 0101 T8187…klTdHE4OWM

Gionee M2 0101 T8210…WRaNEV0bUk

Gionee M2 (8GB ROM)

Gionee M2 0102 T5165 JB…jB3VmJKVDQ

Gionee M2 0102 T8092 KK…DNyT0VzWkk

Gionee M2 0102 T8126 KK…kkydFlBa3c

Gionee M2 0102 T8145 (WBW5506IM)…zZ6TmIwYlU

Gionee M2 0102 T8188…mdZY0dZQ0E

Gionee M2 0102 T8211…mJrVEJVbUE

Gionee M3

Gionee M3 0202 T5185…EhtZV9OUlU

Gionee M3 0202 T5430…0lRMmVUZ2c

Gionee M3 0202 T8103…nBsRV9Id2s

Gionee M3 0202 T8108…zFtTmlsMlE

Gionee M3 0202 T8113…jNZeTA0RXM

Gionee M3 0202 T8123…05EZHZoUmM

Gionee M3 0202 T8245…EcwX201WTQ

Gionee M3 Mini

Gionee M3 Mini FWv.5367_ru123123…/J9A1mDaUu

Gionee M4

Gionee M4 0302 T5191 WBL7311GI…DZDc2pEbWs

Gionee M5

M5 BBL7313GI 0103 T6057…mRmeC1fSFU

M5 T6184…lhsV1FObTg

Gionee M5 Lite…XE5WFplWW8

Gionee M5 Mini (a.k.a Primo RM2 Mini)

Gionee M5 Mini Variant 1…HZYQkRRZTg

Gionee M5 Mini Variant 2

Gionee M5 Mini Miracle Box Dump…pMNWM/view

Gionee M5 Plus…2tJcUwtOGc

Gionee P1

Gionee P1 0201 T5076…EVKVmp4dlk

Gionee P2

Gionee P2 0301 T5351…lQwSHpxZW8

Gionee P2 0301 T5402…Wt2WmdDNnM

Gionee P2M (M2 mini)

Gionee P2M 0202 T5189…TJuV1ljVEE

Gionee P2M 0202 T5274…0JUVlVvY0k

Gionee P2M 0202 T5355…i1yV3RBV1U

Gionee P2S

Gionee P2S 0201 T5231…jRESXlXRDA

Gionee P2S 0201 T5303…mY1bnExZ0E

Gionee P2S 0201 T5459…XdwQ216NVE

Gionee P2S 0201 T5552…ng1VWZfdEk

Gionee P3

Gionee P3 0401 T6175…1lOUGYzckE

Gionee P3 0401 T6236…lMzX1U4WG8

Gionee P3 0401 T8058 KK…FUtMEtoMnc

Gionee P3 0401 T8064…VFJY1k1S3c

Gionee P3 0401 T8072…kVTajRhVXc

Gionee P3S

Gionee P3S T5133…0NMeTJKUmc

Gionee P3S T5137…kw1alRZZTg

Gionee P4

Gionee P4 0303 T5683…zJXNnRjLWc

Gionee P4 0303 T8090 KK…25tU3RTeGs

Gionee P4 0303 T8172…HR6S29aYVU

Gionee P4 0303 T8242…005VjhqTmM

Gionee P4S

Gionee P4S 0201 T5413 MP…25TLXBTNG8

Gionee P4S 0201 T5482…0lndm5IMnc

Gionee P5W…09yTk53N3M

Gionee P6

Gionee P6 0401 T5613…VdqeXozbUk

Gionee P6 0401 T5789…3VNaVVFMXM

Gionee P6 0401 T5828…S00UjNERkU

Gionee P6 0401 T5865…HY0VmFWa1E

Gionee S Plus…0pTTkw0Wms

Gionee S5.1

Gionee S5.1 0201 T7200 WBW5707GI…TE4N1ZpeTg

Gionee S5.1 0201 T7619…WNUekZvdFE

Gionee S5.1 0201 T8149…W43R1dqalk

Gionee S5.5

Gionee S5.5 0401 T5406…1ZEQXhrVE0

Gionee S5.5 0401 T8415 CBW5702GI KK…1Z5SVdvazA

Gionee S5.5 0401 T8881…mgwaEJNOHM

Gionee S5.5 0401 T8983…npkRkdPOW8

Gionee S5.5 0401 T9013…zFaWDhpWTQ

Gionee S7

Gionee S7 0301 T5530…lJlNTB0NWM

Gionee S7 0301 T5586…HFIVEhNTnM

Gionee S7 0301 T5634…VY4OW5qdGs

Gionee S80

Gionee S80 0202 V1205…EVyOHpVNlU

Gionee S80 0202 V1212 Whatsapp…WhnSFlFeTA

Gionee S90

Gionee S90 0301 V1076…G85ZDdyYlE

Gionee S96 0301 V0731…TF4eFNDa1U

Gionee S96 0301 V0766 Whatsapp…XFiYXdFZ2M

Gionee T520

Gionee T520 0201 v1983…1NvSXpudVE

Gionee V1

Gionee V1 0201 T5787…ktyVnJYbGc

Gionee V2

Gionee V2 0201 T5011…EI2LTZkQ00

Gionee V3

Gionee V3 0401 T3683…lItcmRxOFE

Gionee V4

Gionee V4 0301 T5346…zNPV2YxcGc

Gionee V4S

Gionee V4S 0201 T5841…mRkcWlHX0E

Gionee V4S 0201 T5962…FdDMmtqUnM

Gionee V4s 0201 T6032…FVyeU9BSnc

Gionee V4S 0201 T6158…DhVdV93UVE

Gionee V4S 0201 T8242 WBW5518GI LL…TZuYkhjQ2s

Gionee V5

Gionee V5 0202 T5752…UVjeUYwb3c

Gionee V5 0202 T8308 WBW5511GI update…G9Qc09EUGs

Gionee V5 0220 T8439…2N0c3dwSkU

Gionee V5 0220 T8606…UdHRElBZ00

Gionee V5 0202 T8668…UNzMGVZRUE

Gionee V5 0220 T8669…UFnVGc2eUk

Gionee V6L

Gionee V6L 0306 T5811 GBL8608GI…jVtTVAyakU

Gionee V6L 0306 T5927…1VtX1lPdWc

Gionee W909….php?id=55


Innjoo Fire Plus

Innjoo Fire Pro…

Innjoo Fire2 LTE…

Innjoo F1…_note.html

Innjoo F2…t=download

(Flash using WiseLink Tool)…t=download

Innjoo Halo…

Innjoo Halo Plus…halo-plus/

Innjoo i1…

Innjoo i1k…

Innjoo i1s…

Innjoo i2…

Innjoo i2s…

Innjoo Max 2 3G…t=download

Innjoo Max 2 Plus 3G…t=download

Innjoo Max 3 3G 1+16 (Max3 3G-6.0-InnJoo-20161118-V1-C)…

Innjoo Max 3 3G 2+16 (Max3 3G-6.0-InnJoo-20161118-V1)…

Innjoo Max 3 LTE (Max3 LTE-6.0-InnJoo-20161024-V1)…

Innjoo Max 3 Pro LTE (Max3 Pro LTE-6.0-InnJoo-20161022-V1)…

Innjoo Note…

Innjoo Note E

Innjoo Note Pro…

Innjoo One 3G

Innjoo One LTE…W5OME5UV00

Innjoo T1 V1…

Innjoo T1 V2…

Innjoo 2 LTE…

Model: i1
Version: Android 4.2.2
Rom Size: 692 MB
Download Rom

Model: i1s
Version: Android 4.4
Rom Size: 591 Mb
Download Rom

Model: i2
Version: Android 4.4
Rom Size: 504 MB
Download Rom

Model: INNJOO i2s
Version: Android 4.4
Rom Size: 507 MB
Download INNJOO i2s Stock Rom

Model: INNJOO Note
Version: Android 4.4
Rom Size: 478 MB
Download Innjoo Note Stock Rom

Model: INNJOO NoteE
Version: Android 4.4
Rom Size: 523 MB
Download Innjoo Note E Stock Rom

Model: INNJOO i1k
Version: Android 4.4
Rom Size: 531 MB
Download Innjoo i1k Stock Rom

Version: Android 4.4
Rom Size: 415 MB
Download Innjoo Note Pro Stock Rom

Version: Android 4.4
Rom Size: 480MB
Download Injoo One Stock Rom

Version: Android 4.4
Rom Size: 531 MB
Download Innjoo Fire Stock Rom   

That’s all

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst. Email - [email protected]

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Infinix Smart 3 Plus Launched In Nigeria – Full Specifications



Infinix Smart 3 Plus Launched In Nigeria - Full Specifications 5

The Infinix Smart 3 Plus is a new device launched by Infinix Mobile and it comes with decent specifications. It’s a device I would say is a mid-range budget device so don’t expect much power from this phone.


I still feel with Xiaomi around in Nigeria now Infinix would have stepped up their game but it seems they’re just recycling designs ever since they released the first device with a tear drop notch.

Infinix Smart 3 Plus Features

The triple rear camera is quite interesting as well.  In terms of design you get a plastic unibody with glass-finish at the back. The glass-finish adds a premium finish to the phone but unfortunately makes it a fingerprint magnet.

Infinix Smart 3 Plus Launched In Nigeria - Full Specifications 6

There’s also a microUSB port, the 3.5mm headphone jack and a microphone just right below the device. The front of the phone shows the teardrop notch, the selfie camera and the earpiece. Sound quality is not that bad however, The Smart 3 Plus has a downward firing mono speaker which isn’t too loud and you’ll actually prefer using your headphones. I still wonder why Infinix didn’t use the Dirac Speakers in this device.

Infinix Smart 3 Plus Launched In Nigeria - Full Specifications 7

It has a HD+ resolution display with a 2.5D glass for a premium feel. But I’m a bit disappointed with the 720p resolution and the large display doesn’t actually show what we all expected. It’s a bit low but I’m guessing it’s a sacrifice to put the phone in the budget range.

The back of the phone houses the triple-camera setup .The primary sensor is a 13-megapixel camera with a 2-megapixel depth sensor and a low-light QVGA sensor.

Let’s take a look at the quick specifications of the device

Infinix Smart 3 Plus Quick Specifications

  • Display: 6.2 inches
  • Chipset: MediaTek Helio A22
  • RAM+ROM: 32GB / 3GB
  • Operating System: Android 9. (Pie) + XOS 5.0 Cheetah;
  • SIM: Single SIM (Nano-SIM) or Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)
  • Camera: Triple 13MP +2MP Depth sensor+ low light sensor
  • Sensor: Fingerprint , accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass ,
  • Network: GSM / HSPA / LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, GPS
  • Battery : 3500 mAh battery

See the Full Specifications here –Infinix Smart 3 Plus

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Huawei Phones Not Allowed To Use Android Officially Anymore



Huawei Phones Not Allowed To Use Android Officially Anymore 8

I woke up to a very disappointing news yesterday,Huawei Phones Not Allowed To Use Android Officially Anymore and believe me I was very upset about this move. This is coming at a time where Huawei is making changes to the Android market as we know it and Google revoked their licence based on mere accusations,

huawei phones not allowed to use android officially

Accusations that haven’t been even proved to be true. This decision would probably worsen the trade war between China and the United States.

The consequences of this may end up affecting all technological markets and the world economy in general. Don’t forget that Huawei is the world’s second-largest seller of smartphones

Huawei Phones Not Allowed To Use Android Officially

Newer devices from Huawei will not be able to install Android updates, or any Google apps, including Google Play Store and Gmail. However, you can simply access those Android updates through AOSP and GAPPs but without any support from Google.

Donald Trump had accused Huawei of working for the Chinese government, installing back doors in their networks and devices to facilitate surveillance, without any evidence at all.

This made the senior manager of Huawei get arrested a few months ago. Since then, both China and the United States have imposed tariffs on their respective products. Recently, the Trump Administration added the Chinese brand Huawei to the blacklist of the Department of Commerce, hence, forcing American companies to stop having commercial relations with Huawei.

However, according to Reuters, Google is the first to comply with the recently approved law, but other US companies that have commercial relations with Huawei, like Qualcomm, Intel, NVIDIA, will have to make a similar decision.

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