How To Remove A Shortcut Virus From Your PC and External Drives


Have you ever encountered 'Shortcut viruses' on your flash drive/ sd card/hard disk ?
If your answer to this question is ''yes'',then you must know how frustrating they can be.
Well,as it stands,just having an Anti-virus on your computer isn't  enough, but try  updating it once there are new virus definitions as new viruses are being made and spread on a daily basis.

Amongst these numerous viruses,there is this virus which is able of adjusting/turning folders of tremendously huge sizes ( MBs/GBs) into small KBs and its ordinarily named “regsvr virus”(PS: don't confuse it with the system file regsvr32 as they're two absolutely different records.)

  Like I said above,when this virus strikes your computer it automatically changes folders & documents into a shortcut which will neither be opened nor run.
The annoying part of these files is that they keep reappearing and if care is not taken they corrupt sd cards. I have tested Avast And AVG Antivirus. These Antivirus Programs Detect The Virus but deleting it seems to be an ardous task for it.These Files are always in .lnk formats

So,in this tutorial,i'm going to be giving some suggestions on 'the way to eliminate these viruses on a system and retrieve your files again.
As there are `a thousand and one` fixes for this error,i'm going to try  as much as posisible to post the simplest of them right here.
So tighten your seat-belt and let's go .

The best way to eliminate Shortcut Viruses On A pc and removable Drives

First and foremost,it is a good option you update the virus definitions of your your Anti-virus to  see the how it  goes and if this doesn't work,you can proceed to the steps below

Aside from updating your Antivirus,there are some softwares ready to  get rid of this virus.
The great of them are listed below 

Smadav shortcut virus remover
Autorun Exterminator
Combofix shortcut remover
So,download any of these and follow the guidelines on the sites to use them.
Manual fixes can  also  solve this problem.Hence,which you can make use of any method  you feel is  less complicated.
A.)Insert the drive which is infected by this virus into your pc and assess the drive's extension i.E A: .... Z: from ‘My computer’
click begin » Run / Winkey+R and kind cmd within the textbox supplied - Hit Enter.
C.)copy paste the code beneath into the command prompt and hit 'Enter'.
Attrib -h -r -s /s /d E:*.*
(alternate E: to your drive's extension.)
d.)Now, scan your pc to affirm that the virus has been totally cleared-off.
Else,you can use this alternative.
A.)Go to the manage panel to untick “hide protected working approach records” or use the search box.
B.)Navigate to “C:WindowsSystem32” and manually delete regsvr
c.)in the event where you can't find the file in System32, then  attempt locating it in “C:software files”
when you  can't  find it there,then  try finding it in the “processes” tab in task manager.

Now,with all the software & manual fixes highlighted above,one is sure to work for the drive. 

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