How To Add Your Website Trademark On Videos With Your Android Device


Have you ever watched any video and the start of the video has a website url at the beginning and end of the video?.. You've possibly wondered how you can do such.
Imagine that video with the site's trademark gets up to a million views on YouTube, you bet that the site will get thousands of page views as well which will increase the earnings of the site's administrators.
I believe in a principle I call THE AIP principle. (ANDROID IS POWERFUL). I believe that there's no limit to things an android device can do(except supernatural things) , it only depends on if you have the right apps to do it for you.
Now in order to add your website trademark to a video. You'll need 3 Apps
Font Studio
Voice Changer
VidTrim Pro
Download all from play store . Since VidTrim pro isn't free on play store I'll be dropping the download link at the end of this post.
1. Design Your Logo..
Use Font Studio To Design Your Text and Font style. It's preferable you use a white background. Make sure you make your design as simple as ABC ... Here's my design..
2. Go To Voice Changer
Voice Changer Adds Voice To The Image.. You can decide to record your voice or use your phone's text to speech by typing in what you want the phone to read.
Take a glimpse at the Voice Changer UI
There are different kinds of voices to choose from once you're done with choosing your voice type. Tap the option icon beside the play button. It should bring up this menu
Select Create Image With Sound. Add the image you created with font studio and you're done with that step. If you can't locate it on your gallery, check your file manager in the voicechanger folder.
However you can also add a background song to the video you've already created by using the transcode feature on VidTrim Pro. Take a look at this.
From the image above you can see the transcode option. When you select it, Scroll down you'll see "add external audio" (PS: Don't uncheck the remove original audio button , it's going to remove the Voice you added to the video)
Select your desired song and proceed , VidTrim will automatically trim the song to suit the length of your video. If there's a particular part of a song you want to be playing instead of the beginning of the song just use the ringtone editor app to cut the song then select the trimmed part of the song as external audio.
3.Select the video you want to edit from VidTrim Pro.
Open VidTrim Pro. Choose the video you want to edit. Click the merge option.. Then add the video you transcoded earlier.. Then click on merge.. Select any video quality that suits your taste then save your video.. It might take some time to merge depending on the video quality you selected. I always leave mine at the default setting 480P/Medium for fast merging..
If you have any questions please use the comment box

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