My View Of Nigeria In The Next 100 years (tech wise)


Technology As You know is gradually taking over every single part of our lives.

Here in Nigeria, Life here is quite different from life in other countries. Let's experience the transformation.

1. Gala / Pure Water Hawkers With Jetpacks.

Currently most Gala hawkers can run very fast in order to keep up with the speed of cars. In 2115 at the advent of flying cars, na jetpack things.

2. Advanced Armed Robbers.

You don't joke with this niggas. They'll hijack your car with Improvised Bermuda Triangle.. All the same you'll still survive their attack.

3. People With Land Cars Will Suffer -

Unless there is a rule to prohibit this. Imagine someone urinating on you from the sky.. If e hard the guy come purge on top your head. Only God Know

4.Desperate Nigerians Will Turn Law Breakers

I imagine when I see my desperate Naija guys trying to fly out of Naija to USA with a car. Even each country's border would be separated by an electric field. Them go wan follow space go am.

5. Flying Drug Men

You go see person wy dy smoke igbo on top skyscraper dy claim kush .

Na when the stuff clear their eye them go know..

Feel Free To Add Yours..

Proudly Naija

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