How To Change Your Friend's Profile Pictures On WhatsApp


If you want to change your WhatsApp friends' profile

picture on your phone to play a little prank on them,

then read on. It may be a little bit juvenile, I'll admit,

but nothing beats the look on your friend's face when

you pull one over on them.

It's actually really easy to do. Whenever you open

someone's profile picture full-screen, the app actually

saves the image. These images then get saved with

your contact's phone number as the file name in your

WhatsApp folder. So all you need to do is go into your

file manager and replace the existing profile picture

with one of your choices.

1. Assuming you want to revert to the original profile

picture, you want to save a copy of it first. I'm using

ES File Explorer for this tutorial, but the process is

pretty much the same no matter what app you're

using. If you don't have one already, ES is a good


2. Navigate to the following folder: /device/sdcard/

WhatsApp/Profile Pictures. Here you will see the

profile pictures that the app has saved. If you don't

see your friend's picture in here, go back to WhatsApp

and open it. All you have to do is tap their name at

the top of a chat and then on their profile picture icon

in the screenshot below. Once it has loaded full-

screen it will appear in the Profile Pictures folder.

Once you've viewed a friend's profile picture it will be

saved by WhatsApp..

3. In the Profile Pictures folder, find your friend's

image and long press it, then choose Copy from the

menu. You can paste it anywhere you like, but you're

going to want to copy the file name (your friend's

phone number) before we go on.

In a file manager, go to /device/sdcard/WhatsApp/

Profile Pictures to see your profile pics.

4. Now, find a picture you want to replace your friend's

profile picture with and resize it to be 640 x 640

pixels: the standard size for WhatsApp profile pics.

5. Move the new profile picture to the Profile Picture

folder and rename it with your friend's phone number.

To rename the picture, just long press the picture and

select Rename from the menu.

Once you've pasted your new picture into the folder,

rename it with your friend's phone number.

6. Now, when you go into WhatsApp and tap your

friend's name and then their profile picture, the full

screen image will be the one you saved.

The look on

Ada's face when I showed her this was

Horrifying !

I don't yet know of a way to change the small profile

icon as well, but this is still a great way to freak your

friends out. Just go up to them and say ''I think your

WhatsApp account got hacked...'' or ''What's up with

your WhatsApp profile picture?'' and show them your

phone. If it works like it did for me with Ada , it's well

worth the five minute investment to make it happen

Credits :AndroidPIT

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