10 Types Of Girls You Find On Facebook


The Formers

These Group Of People Act Like They're Celebs even if they're not anything close to that. Because They get 100 plus likes on their photos.

The English Destroyers

These Chics toh bad.. Their Use Of English Can Make The Queen Of England Ban Them For Misuse Of English. A typical example is "Let dere be piss everywhere".. Some girls sha

Saint Olosho/Ashawo

These Girls Act All Holy Online And Outwardly but when you get intimate with them you know they are worse than they appear.

Porno Queen

These Ladies Post Nude pics online to attract fellow perverts like them. Unfortunately if you fall for them you are on your own ( OYO).

Ajegunle Wolf

These Group of people are not pretty by any standards. All they do is keep tongue lashing people. Insults are the things found throughout their comments.

419 Mistress.

We All Know Them."I am traveling to Enugu, Our Car Got Spoilt in Onitsha. I need airtime to call my parents and tell me them so they won't be worried." I got one recently and I sent MTN N10 card to her. I try sha.

Celeb Freaks

Check their profile, it's full of celeb photos, her pic won't even be up to 3 because she's scared she won't get any likes.

Smarty Cute.

These ones are smart, beautiful and most of all respectful. If you need a gf or wife choose from this group.

Old Cargo

She's 27 but she's forming that she's 19. Ladies are guilty of this. Ladies let me remind you that this is reality. It's not the world of JayZ and Mr Hudson's FOREVER YOUNG. you must grow old. Keep playing hard to get while other girls get married every Saturday

Queen Bee.

They Feel Because they feel that have a little knowledge of vocabularies in their brain, All they do is keep using big words. Whenever they make mistakes it's usually disastrous.

I drop my pen at this point..

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