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Checkout Glo's New Data Plans And Subscription Codes

Glo just made some changes to their data plans. I still wish they improved their network speed along with the data plans .

Here is how it works, If you are an old customer ,you will also continue to enjoy the old data plans (i.e #1,000 for 4GB data , e.t.c). however , you will be given 3 days after your subscription expires. If you FAIL to renew your data plan within that 3 days period you will no longer be able to enjoy the old data plans. The next time you subscribe , you will get HALF the data volume at the same price (i.e #1,000 for 1.6GB data , instead of 4GB).

So in order for you to continue enjoying the old volume as an existing customer , make sure you renew your Glo data plan subscription within the next 3 days after it expires , else you’ll subscribe at the new rate.

Glo Free YouTube Package
Glo also offers you free YouTube streaming .You can stream YouTube Free of charge from 1am – 5:30am every day. All you need to do is to renew your data plan of N500 and above to be eligible for this offer.

Glo Free Streaming With iFlix
iFlix just like Netflix allows you to stream different movie channels at a pocket friendly price. Glo just partnered with iFlix and you won’t be charged any dime from your data if you are streaming iFlix on Glo network for 12 hours.
Glo partnered with iflix to stream free

To qualify for this offer, send SMS Buzz to 105 to download GloCafe. These offers are so enticing but even a snail moves faster than Glo in my area, it seems Glo Officials around here are using a different network to surf.

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