Thursday, 18 May 2017

See Video Of Mark Zuckerberg Before He Created Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is definitely a name that every one knows. He's the billionaire owner of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. These 3 apps have unarguably formed an essential part of our daily lives. Here's a video he posted on Facebook with the hashtag #tbt.

Mark is going to get a Degree

According to Mark, He'll be going back to Harvard University to get his degree. His mom bet that he'd drop out of Harvard, his sister bet him that she'd finish college before him and he bet them that he'd get a degree. So the cycle is complete. Mark was fixing a pc when the mail came in and the dog in the video is a westie named coconut and guess what?

Mark still has that pyjamas and as always the iconic Grey shirt. Enough said. Here's the video below to inspire all entrepreneurs out there.

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See Video Of Mark Zuckerberg Before He Created Facebook
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