Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Whatsapp Goes Offline Temporarily

For almost an hour Whatsapp has been down, no messages have been going through.

For the past 1 hour I've been spending time staring at my phone like this.

That awkward moment you realize how Whatsapp has changed your life and your smartphone feels like an empty piece of metal

Update 11.06 PM GMT +1 Breathe Mark Says they're working on it.

Update 11.27PM GMT +1 Whatsapp comes online temporarily and goes off again. Update 11.43 GMT +1 Whatsapp comes back online but not yet fully as some users are not receiving private messages yet. There's no information yet on why the popular social media app is offline right now but watch this page, I'll keep you updated.

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Whatsapp Goes Offline Temporarily
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