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How To Customize Your Android Launcher Like A Pro Without Rooting

One of the best things about the Android OS is the ability to customize your Android smartphone to suit your taste. If you want to customize your device totally you can root your phone and use a custom ROM or Xposed Framework.

However, rooting your android phone voids it's warranty and in some cases brick your phone.

In this article, I'll be giving to you an Android Launcher Step By Step Customization Guide.

Here's a glimpse of my home screen

You're free to customize yours as you like but if you want exactly what I used

Here are the apps you'll need with the download links

Nova Launcher Prime - Download

TeslaUnread - Download

Zooper Widget Pro - Download

Ocea Zooper Widget Collection - Download

Moon Rise Icon Pack - Download (You can use any other icon pack though)

*Install All The Apps. We'll set it up in the following order.

#1. Nova Launcher Prime (Setting It up to work with Tesla Unread and Moonrise Icon Pack)
2# Zooper Widget Pro (setting it to work with Ocea Widgets)

#1.Setting Up Nova Launcher

Go To Nova Settings and set it with the following settings.

Desktop >Turn On Persistent Search Bar
Set your search bar style

Dock > Turn On Dock thuoand Set Transparency to 100%

Look And Feel > Launcher Theme >Moon Rise Icon Pack

Notification Badges > to On And Set Your own style

#2 Setting Uep Zooper Widget.
Long Press Your Home Screen
Select Widget

Go Scroll down to Zooper Widgets and Select A Widget Bar

Go back to your home screen and tap the bar. It'll open the Zooper Widget app. Scroll down to Ocea Zooper widget and select your preferred widget type.

With that you'll successfully customize your home screen and launcher.

Extra Tip : The icon pack may not change all the icons. You can manually change the icon of an app by holding it and dragging to the edit option shown at the top of your screen. There are always various icons to choose from.

Don't forget to share this post. If you've got any questions or need more tips kindly drop a comment and I'll try to reply you ASAP.

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