Friday, 19 May 2017

Have A Look At The New Android O Emojis - They're Amazing

If there's one thing I love about Google, it's the fact that they're constantly trying to improve their products.

The latest version of Android will be coming with a totally new set of emoji. Google usually designed the entire set with a more refined version of the gumdrop emoji that it introduced with Android 4.4 and has been altering ever since. The redesign in Nougat made the facial expressions more in line with what Apple is doing with their iOS emoji.

Android O goes one step further and finally dropped the gumdrop shape entirely in favor of a completely round emoji set that seem to look more like Apple's set.

Finally... I really hated the gum drop images. Now we're getting something more realistic.

The new designs have textures, with a shadow effect giving them a 3D look.
Have a look at the images below - (Image Credits - GSM Arena)

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Have A Look At The New Android O Emojis - They're Amazing
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