Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Google To Launch Google Assistant On iOS

Google will be releasing the iOS version of their assistant app soon. The app will first be available in the US at launch before being rolled out to other regions.

The closest iOS users had access to Google Assistant on iOS was through Allo. Although, there is Google Now available through the Google Search app. I'm are not sure whether the Assistant functionality will be part of the Search app or a standalone app altogether.

My Verdict

I really don't think Google Assistant will be able to take on Siri on the iOS platform . If it comes as a standalone app, It might get a couple of users in the first few weeks but they'll still drop back to a miserable number in a few months. The only way to get iOS users to use Google Assistant more frequently is to integrate it to Google search. If it comes as a standalone app, I'm pretty sure iOS users would be skeptical about using Google Assistant to replace Siri.

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Google To Launch Google Assistant On iOS
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