Friday, 19 May 2017

Google Is Launching A New Android Based OS - Android GO OS

Google is definitely trying to increase it's market share in emerging markets with the creation of 'Android Go,' a version of Android O optimized for lower-specification entry-level Android devices and the bandwidth constraints of local infrastructure where those devices are sold.

Android Go is designed to be used on smartphones and tablets with 1 gigabyte of internal memory or less and to be used with just 512 megabytes of RAM, the modified Android O will be optimized to minimize power usage, prolonging battery life while still trying to keep apps running as smoothly as possible.

Who would even want a 512mb phone?

A customized version of the Google Play Store will be available on Android Go devices that will highlight third-party apps optimized for the operating system. These apps need to take up at most 10MB of storage and have a useful offline state in order to be considered for highlighting in the store, as well as appropriate battery usage and memory requirements. So expect to see the Lite versions of apps on Android Go's Playstore

Android Go will run alongside all Android OS starting from Android O. So any manufacturer trying to launch Nougat devices in 2018-

You have no excuse..come to think of it, Did you know that Android had over 2 billion users?

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Google Is Launching A New Android Based OS - Android GO OS
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