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The New Remidi Glove Turns You To A Professional Musician And DJ

As tech keeps advancing, we get to see new products every day.

Remidi is a wearable musical instrument that allows your hand to play unlimited combinations of sounds. The wearable MIDI controller lets you ad custom sounds to your fingers and palm, and then use hand gestures to control the effects. It reacts to how long and how hard you press creating a different sound intensity and duration, and by moving your hand in different directions you can control how fast or slow your tone is, and control effects such as reverb, duration and tempo. You can create music on-the-go with the included app, roam freely at your live performance while controlling the sounds, and integrate it with top recording programs.

It's very easy to set the Remidi to be beginner friendly—just download the song you'd like to learn, and practice along while the glove helps you find your way. But more advanced musicians will be able to do so much more. The glove can synchronize with DJ and VJ technology to take a live show to the next level, and the nearly limitless ways the glove can be used open the doors to a whole new style of music and performance.

Here's The Fun Part..

Currently, there aren't any other wearable instruments like Remidi, but when it comes to new products combining music and technology, the gloves are in good company. An Ohio-based startup SoundSpace takes the conceit of conjuring music in the real world and moves it to virtual reality, where music can become a tangible thing to change and manipulate. SoundStage takes that concept even further, transforming room-sized VR facilities into "musical sandboxes" where nearly every instrument is in arms' reach. Whether players are using Remidi gloves to play music anywhere in the world, or diving into a world of music courtesy of VR, it's clear that the next generation of musicians will have more options than ever thought possible.

Music Concerts in Virtual Reality ..

It's only a matter of time.. Watch the video below to see how it works.

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The New Remidi Glove Turns You To A Professional Musician And DJ The New Remidi Glove Turns You To A Professional Musician And DJ Reviewed by Michael Ajah on Sunday, April 16, 2017 Rating: 5

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