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This Nokia C9 Concept Is Totally Amazing

It's not really a phone, yet.. Just a concept of one. It’s one artist’s imagination of what the Nokia C9 could look like.

It's not real yet, but it gives you a look at how beautiful the phone could be if Nokia wants to bring a premium phone to market.

The artist coats the device with a leather material on the rear of a metal frame, with a camera sensor sitting in the middle of the top. It’s bordered with distinctive stitching and looks absolutely wonderful.

On the front is a fingerprint sensor, and on the side of the phone is a dedicated camera shutter. For hardware, the concept visualizes Snapdragon 835 processing power inside, as well as 6GB of RAM. The camera sensor? a massive 22.3MP Carl Zeiss setup. If only.

Wake me up. I'm still Daydreaming...

Only if Nokia would start working on this phone already.

This Nokia C9 Concept Is Totally Amazing This Nokia C9 Concept Is Totally Amazing Reviewed by Michael Ajah on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 Rating: 5

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