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4 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Blog Regularly

Blogging has changed how most businesses work. However, If your blog is the headquarter of the world's most boring posts, you don’t need to read further.

In every niche you choose you'll face high competition . Your first priority is to avoid losing your readers by hitting them with outdated content. Most readers stay glued to your site by frequently reading the new contents.

Here are some reasons why you should update your blog regularly

1. It'll Boost your Site Ranking On Google

Google prefers regularly updated content and if the relationship of Google with your blog decreases, it can be an uphill task for you to gain it back.The longer you write, the higher you rank. Remember that "Content is king".

2. Images and Structure

An amazing list post that you wrote last year with a title “6 Best kinds smartphones in Nigeria in 2016” is hardly a clickable title in 2017 while the content was interesting enough that bought tons of shares back in 2016.

Try to share it again with a little twist. Replace 2016 with 2017 with some tweaks in content and the images.

3 Readers Want To Read New Posts

If a reader always gets to see utdated information on your blog, he automatically gets builds a negative ideology in his mind. In case a reader does not find the solution to his problem, A negative impact remains in his mind and People remember negative things more than the positive ones .

4. You Attract New Readers

Assuming you have 1k daily readers today that number will increase with the time as a result of publishing content regularly.
Also, you gain email subscribers and introduce your blog to a new readers base

Most of the new readers won't know the blog posts that you published a while ago. So resurrecting old content will increase traffic from new readers.

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