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Donald Trump's Website Hacked By Iraqi Hackers

During the US election, The Democrats were hacked allegedly by Russia but now it's the turn of the Republicans to have a taste of the pudding.

Some unknown hackers - "Pro_Mast3r" defaced the official website associated with US President's Donald Trump's presidential campaign fundraising on Sunday. 

The hackers, claiming to be from Iraq, defaced the server, secure2.donaldjtrump.com, which handles CloudFlare's content management system and security platform. 

The defaced website displayed an image of a black hat man and included a text message, which reads: 

Hacked by Pro_Mast3r ~ 
Attacker Gov 
Nothing Is Impossible 
Peace From Iraq

At the time of writing, the server is now back online and there is no official statement from Trump-Pence campaign team yet. 

According to a blog post published by Italian IT journalist Paolo Attivissimo, the source code of the defaced server does not contain any malicious script.

Instead, the server includes a link to javascript on a now-nonexistent Google Code account, 'masterendi,' which was linked to cyber attacks on three other sites in the past.

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