Friday, 6 January 2017

This Is How The Samsung Galaxy S8 May Look Like

You've probably heard so much about but seen very little about the Galaxy S8. The alleged first photo of the upcoming  Samsung flagship shows off all the details - no Home button, not much bezel either and a curved screen.

I doubt the authenticity of this image - a few things point that it might just be a photoshoped Galaxy S7 edge. There are some artifacts in the top left and right corners of the screen. Plus, where are the on-screen keys? Sure, those can be hidden and the new Grace UX may lean on gestures for things like Back and App switching.

A possible explanation might be that the keys are on either side of the Samsung logo and they just aren't lit up at the moment. Currently, Samsung phones allow for the capacitive keys to remain hidden while the screen is lit and i don't see why that would change.

If it is a ‘photoshop, it’s a very well-made one and seems to get all the rumored details right, down to the Chinese language (since testing is allegedly going on there. Plus, there’s simply no indication that Samsung will radically change its design language, so this is pretty much what the S8 should look like even if this photo isn't the real thing.

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This Is How The Samsung Galaxy S8 May Look Like
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