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Snapchat's Latest Update Makes Finding Friends Easier

In Snapchat's Latest update, Snap Inc. has added a new search bar to make finding friends, groups easier , Discover publishers and Our Stories, easier.

The search bar is displayed on all screens in the app at the top of the display; when you start a search, a “quick chat” menu will appear with your favorite contacts, groups, new friends and their available stories.

You can tap on any of your friend’s icons to start chatting to them, press and hold on their icon to see their profile or — if they’ve posted a public story that day — you can tap its thumbnail to view it.

The search function can also be used to look up a specific person,  Our Stories, or Discover channels by typing in relevant keywords.

Also , Snapchat is making it easier for you to contribute to Our Story, the app’s curated slideshows.

The update will be available for a small number of Android users from today with the full rollout coming “soon,” according to Snapchat.

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