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Samsung’s New Curved CH771 Monitor Is Targeted At Gamers

Samsung has a few cool monitor announcements lined up for CES 2017. The main product is  the CH711 monitor. This particular model sports a significantly curved (1,8000R curvature) 2560 x 1440 pixel panel in 27-inch and 31.5-inch sizes.

Other key features on the monitor, include a wide 178-degree viewing angle and 125% sRGB coverage. It comes with a stand that can be used for cable management and also an optional 90-degree panel rotation for a somewhat awkward vertical curved experience.

Currently , there's no extra information on response times, refresh tares, inputs or support for gaming-specific features, such as G-Sync or FreeSync has been provided yet, but Samsung promises the monitor will be suitable for gamers, as well.

In a press release, Samsung also mentioned a few other quantum dot panels that will be showcased at CES. One is the 21:9 CF791. It is also curvy, with a 1,500R curvature, offers HDMI and DP inputs and a few powerful picture in picture features, for easy and convenient mixing of multiple sources.

The CFG70 is another curved offer, but this one is targeted exclusively towards the gaming community . This comes with special features like the "Gaming UX" interface, as well as advanced calibration and fine-tuning options for proper picture in any particular game genre.

Samsung also promised to bring a few of its upcoming 2017 high-resolution offers to the CES holding in Las Vegas as well. This includes the 28-inch, UHD quantum dot UH750 with a fast response time of 1 ms. Also, the SH850 - a flat, bezelless WQHD unit with a highly-adjustable stand and available in a 13.8 and 27-icnh sizes.

Samsung’s New Curved CH771 Monitor Is Targeted At Gamers Samsung’s New Curved CH771 Monitor Is Targeted At Gamers Reviewed by Michael Ajah on Monday, January 02, 2017 Rating: 5

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