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Samsung Galaxy S8 release date allegedly revealed

Rumors about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 come by
the dozen these days. The latest one is about the
release date.
Industry insiders suggested that the D day is April 18
which is quite late compared to the releases of
previous flagships. For comparison Galaxy S7/S7 Edge
was released last year on March 11.
Just another allegedly leaked image of Samsung
Galaxy S8.
Previously Samsung was gearing to announce the
Galaxy S8 at MWC next month, but late design
changes and reports about the Note 7 issues made
the Korean company push it back.
We are still expecting the official report but for
now it looks like the cause of the fire was a
hardware design problem and not a faulty battery.
Since the inside is being remodeled, the outside
changed too.The bezel in Galaxy S8 is expected to
almost disappearand the display would take around
90% of the front of the device.
All these changes mean longer production time which
appears as the biggest cause for Samsung to delay
the launch.
Keep in mind this source is unofficial and take the
information with a grain of salt.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 release date allegedly revealed Samsung Galaxy S8 release date allegedly
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