Thursday, 12 January 2017

Nominate NaijaTechGuy As Part Of The YTECH 100 Class Of 2017

The #YTech100 is an annual networking event honoring 100 of the brightest and best in Nigeria’s technology industry – those who have done nothing but inspire us in the past year.

The event which is one of the highlights of the Y!/ Innovation Season spotlights ideas, vision, and impact of the sector and also drives interaction on the factors that have helped leverage opportunities and potential in the local and international market.

This year, the brilliant team at Y!/ have decided to throw the nominations open to  readers – you get to nominate a techie of your choice to be part of the #YTech100 Class of 2017.

Here are the rules:

1. The project/start-up that your nominee is working has to be something new, not necessarily that we have not seen before but done differently

2. How much impact has that project/start-up had within the past one year?

3.What exactly makes this project/start-up unique?

If you really support me and want this blog to keep growing please nominate me.

At the nomination page there will be some required details. Fill in this

Name : Michael Adimchinobi Ajah
Age :19
Start Up : NaijaTechGuy
Nominees Email :

You Can Support Me By Also Adding Why You Think I Should Be Added To The YTECH 100. Don't forget about my online podcast it makes this blog stand out. Thanks for the support.  Here's the link to the nomination page. 

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Nominate NaijaTechGuy As Part Of The YTECH 100 Class Of 2017
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