Thursday, 12 January 2017

Instagram To Add Advertisements Between Stories

It seems social networking companies are looking for a way to boost revenue this year.

In a move that's not really surprising , Instagram will start placing full-screen ads within its Stories feature. The announcement comes as the Stories reaches 150 million users in the five months since its inception.

The feature is still being tested for now with a few big clients like Netflix, Nike and AirBnb, but  it'll possibly expand to a wider range of businesses soon.

Photo ads are about five seconds long and videos 15, but they shouldn’t be too much of an annoyance, as you are able to skip them with a swipe.

However, the ads won’t show up until you’ve watched a lot of stories in sequence – the ads are put in between two friends’ stories.

Also, Instagram will give users with a business profile a new feature :  Analytics about Stories, including reach, impressions, replies and exits for each individual story. Businesses will be able to set up targeting, and measurement capabilities so they can reach the right audiences.

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Instagram To Add Advertisements Between Stories
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