Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Google Introduces Instant Apps - Use Apps Without Installing Them

Google first announced the concept of something called “Instant Apps” at their I/O conference last year. This is meant for situations where you may want to use an app for a single session without needing to install the full app from the Play Store.

For example when you click on a link from a Google search result from B&H Photo, Google Play will fetch a modular package that contains only section of the full application. This section would download and run instantly from the Google search results, and you’d be able to shop of B&H until the end of that session.

Google has been working closely with a select number of developers to refine the Instant Apps experience for both users and developers, alike. Google has announced today that the first few Instant Apps are ready for a “limited test”. The first batch of Instant Apps come from BuzzFeed, Wish, Periscope, and Viki.

If you’re a developer, your existing apps will need to be restructured by modularizing it to allow the needed portion to be downloaded through Google Play. While the Instant Apps SDK is not publicly available yet, developers can start taking certain steps to be ready to implement Instant Apps for new, existing, and potential users of your application.

Google Instant Apps email registration for developers

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Google Introduces Instant Apps - Use Apps Without Installing Them
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