Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Google Adds New Feature Updates To Google Plus

Google definitely wants to remind people that Google+ still exists. Google's social network just received a few feature updates, as any app that's definitely not dying would.

Firstly , Events are back. The functionality is going to be available for the new Google+ UI from January 24, though only for Google accounts. G Suite users will have to wait longer. Incidentally, January 24 is also when the old Google+ design will be retired.

Also,low-quality comments are now hidden by default. If  you want to see these too, there's a way to make them show up, as described by the image above. Just tap on "See all comments". And finally, you can now zoom in on photos shared on Google

But I have one question for Google.

What's taking so long to add live streaming directly to Google + without YouTube

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Google Adds New Feature Updates To Google Plus
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