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Facebook Changes Web Chat Interface To Messenger UI

Facebook just revamped it's old chat user interface and replaced it with the Messenger UI. A number of users have requested to go back to the old "iconic" user interface but I'm not sure if Facebook is going to give us the flip switch.

Basically, the first design change you’ll notice if you have access to the new interface is the Messenger icon where the old speech box icon for messaging used to be on Facebook. Click on it, and you’ll be given the option to view all your messages in Messenger — this takes you to the new-look inbox. There you’ll find all your chats organized neatly below the search bar on the left side-bar, with the most recent selected.

On the right side-bar are a number of new customization options, including the ability to change the conversation’s color, edit nicknames, change the emojis that can be used, and to mute notifications, and search within the chat thread. It’s not exactly revolutionary, but it does add a playful element to the conversation. The same side-bar also lets you easily access the recipient’s Facebook profile, and your shared photos. Alongside the new options, you’ll have the ability to make voice and video calls, and access all the settings that were available in the past.

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