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4 Recommended Ways To Improve Your Blog's Alexa Rank

When I started blogging back in 2014, I  had no idea of what Alexa rank was and how to improve it.

As time went on , I kept learning different aspects of Blogging and understood how Alexa works.

It was very difficult to get a good Alexa rank for my blog, but as my Blogging experience kept improving, my Alexa rank also improved.

What is an Alexa Rank?

Alexa ranks website based on the amount of traffic they get. Having a good Alexa rank does not help you directly in any way, but still it has its own benefits.

If you deal with several advertisers/ product owners then an Alexa rank is very important for you.
Blogs with impressive Alexa rank attracts advertisers to spend money on your site to feature their service/product.

So, having a good Alexa rank helps bloggers to make decent money from direct advertisements.

How To Improve Your Alexa Ranking?

1. Claim your site on Alexa – Sign up for an account on Alexa.com and submit your site there. This is the very first step to improve your Blog's Alexa ranking.

2. Add Alexa widget to your blog – The Alexa widget helps Alexa servers to track the traffic better. Adding one on your blog will make you see a significant improvement in your rankings. It may not work overnight but something is definitely better than nothing.

3. Write shareable Content – The more unique content you’ll write for your blog readers, then you'll get more traffic and backlinks . People will  likely share your content across their social accounts and it will help you in improving your Alexa rank fast.

4 Keep updating your blog with useful content and increase your returning visitors count
Trust me, returning visitors really help a lot to boost blog’s ranking. They tend to share your content several times on their various social network profiles.

Give some time to improving your blog’s Alexa ranking as it is important if you are a serious blogger and want to generate money from direct advertisements.

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