Monday, 5 December 2016

The LG G6 May Come With Water-resistant Body and Wireless Charging

Samsung's Galaxy S8 is not the only massively anticipated flagship phone for February 2017. LG is also going to be unveiling the LG G6, the successor to the innovative G5.

The first details about the LG  came with  quite some interesting gist - the G6 will be dropping their Friends expansion for a sealed body and seamless design. This move may disappoint the removable battery fans, it was welcomed by those who didn't believe the Friends module added substantial value to the offer.

The latest speculation brings more details about the G6 - the company started using water-resistant adhesive on its LG G6 displays and this feature may mean that the phone will possibly feature a water-proof body.

LG's V series has a really good record of enhanced protection against splashes and its also anti-shock, and with the Samsung Galaxies getting all waterproof , it's  understandable if LG tries to match its rival. The company has already released the V34 water-resistant smartphone (exclusively to Japan ).

Another speculation is that wireless charging will be added to the next G flagship, as well as a yet to be launched mobile payment service.

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The LG G6 May Come With Water-resistant Body and Wireless Charging
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