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Nokia To Release 5 Smartphones In 2017

The Mobile World Congress in February is the first destination for all major players in the mobile industry (except for Apple) and that’s the needed stage HMD Global will use to try and start the Nokia fightback.

At least four new devices will be revealed next year along with the already leaked Nokia D1c

The devices will sport between 5" and 5.7" displays with WQHD or FHD resolutions. Unfortunately there’s  only information regarding D1C and it says that the device will come in two different options - one priced at about $200 (N90,000)parts 3 GB RAM and 5.5” display and a cheaper $150(N60,000) version with 2GB RAM and 5” FullHD display.

Such specifications aren’t really flagship-worthy, so I think it's either HMD Global has another stuff it's planning or it plans on testing the waters with some mid-range devices before going for the premium tiers.

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