Thursday, 1 December 2016

Netflix Movies Can Now Be Downloaded For Offline Viewing

Netflix just introduced a  feature that many people requested on its mobile apps: the ability to download content for offline playback, a feature YouTube added not too long ago.

The update is currently being rolled out, the latest update for the iOS and Android app will let you download any of the supported movies or television shows from their catalogue.However, not all of the content is available for download but from a cursory gaze it seemed like most of it was there.

When a movie or TV show supports downloading, you will see the download button in the description of the movie or next to the episode title of the TV show.

In the settings, you can choose to enable the downloads only on Wi-Fi and also choose the quality. The quality settings available are 'Standard' and 'Higher', which doesn't say much about the movie resolution and bit rate.

You can also see the amount of storage the downloads are taking on your device and delete them all at once if required. There is also a My Downloads section in the sidebar where you can find all your downloaded content.

The updated version is now available on the respective stores and across all regions where Netflix is available.

This is quite a nice development. What do you think?

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Netflix Movies Can Now Be Downloaded For Offline Viewing
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