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If You Have Never Seen A Real Jetpack You Need To See This

David Mayman preparing for Take Off

You remember those Jetpacks you normally saw in movies or cartoons. Well Jetpacks now exist.

Jetpack Aviation founder, David Mayman demonstrated how their new JB-10 Jetpack works.

It’s actually quite simple” said Mayman. “You don’t really think — you just fly.”

It hasn't always been that easy, though. Jetpack Aviation's JB-10 is the result of more   than 40 years design and engineering, so it's really more than a  booster in a backpack. Apart from the pair of custom-modified jet turbines, the machine also has a veritable boatload of sensors. During flight, gyroscopes and accelerometers check up on the craft’s orientation hundreds of times per second, constantly sending feedback to the system’s control electronics and vectoring the thrusters in order to keep the pilot stable.

The JB-10 (1)

The JB-10 (2)

According to Mayan,"  It’s like a Segway, when you want to move forward, you just lean forward. If you want to stop, you just lean back. It's very simple. If you wanted to fly a helicopter, you’d need 150 hours of training — but with this, you can learn everything you need to know in about 3 hours.”

That’s one of the most amazing things about the JB-10. It’s  not the first jetpack that’s ever been created— but it’s  the first one that an average person could fly with little knowledge.

Flying The JB-10

Preparing For Take Off

Let's take a look at some of the specifications

Speed  : Up to 70m/ph
Altitude : Up to 10,000 feet

Unsurprisingly, The JB-10 will be sold for about $250,000 which is quite expensive. Sales of this should start around 2019.

Check The Video Below To See The JB-10 in action  :

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