Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Google Now Makes Switching To Android from iOS Easier

Some months ago , Google updated its ‘Switch [to android]’ page with more Google apps. However  this was just a placeholder, seeing as every method listed on the website  told you to download the respective app for iOS, and back up the respective content to the app. Google Photos, Contacts, Google Drive, etc.

Well, this didn’t really make it easy to switch between devices using any cloud-based methods. Google's new device, the Pixel came with the USB-C OTG adapter to connect any device directly to it.
It would then pull all the  information from your old device.

The migration tool can be installed on iOS devices and is a part of the Google Drive app itself. Then go into the app and find the backup tool, select what you would like to be backed up and hit ‘Start Backup’.

When you're done setting up the new device, sign into the Gmail account used to perform the backup, then all your content will be waiting for you right where it all belongs. You contacts will be found in the Contacts app, Photos can be accessed through the Google Photos app, and Google Calendar will bring all your events over.

I don't know if there’s any way to get all your text messages transferred over from iOS using this method yet , you’ll need to use the OTG adapter and plug your iPhone directly into the Android phone if you're switching to a Pixel phone.

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Google Now Makes Switching To Android from iOS Easier
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