Friday, 23 December 2016

Facebook To Roll Out Live Audio Feature In The Next Coming Weeks

It's  possible that one certain time in your life, you've been so angry about something that you just want to yell for the whole world to feel your wrath but when you log on to  Facebook and want to go live, the look on your face sends you back to your world of misery. It might not really be the look on your face, it might be when you remember the cost of data you're about to misuse. I can totally relate.

If you've ever been like that, Facebook just fixed this problem for you. On Tuesday, the company introduced the Live Audio Feature. In a blog post, Facebook explained that after seeing Pages find a myriad of “creative ways to go live and reach audiences with audio only” it decided to roll out an audio-only feature for Facebook Live.

Furthermore, the company explained that “Live Audio presents another option for connecting with audiences in real time from low-connectivity areas.”

Every day it becomes easier and easier to shout into the endless hollow chamber of social media. With Live Audio, you no longer even have to show your face. Your hollow eyes, full of grief can remain safe, hidden, distinctly yours.

But you’ll have to wait. Facebook will begin testing Live Audio in the coming weeks, partnering with BBC World Service, Harper Collins, and several others. The feature will be available to other publishers and users in early 2017.

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Facebook To Roll Out Live Audio Feature In The Next Coming Weeks
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