Monday, 12 December 2016

Facebook now supports HD Video Uploads For Android Users

This feature has been expected for a long time. Facebook has finally launched high-definition uploads for users of its Android app.

Although the feature has been available on iOS  for almost two years, it took this long for it to arrive on the Android platform.

Users who want to  upload HD videos can open Settings in the Facebook app and toggle the button for the option to “Upload videos in HD.”

Facebook hasn’t made any official announcement about the new feature, but according to AndroidPolice  it’s “already widely, if not completely, rolled out.”

Other features still in beta include picture-in-picture video. To enable it, Facebook will request you to grant it permission to “draw over other apps.” After that, you’ll see the little picture-in-picture icon in the top left of the app’s video player. Tap on it and you’ll be able to “float” the video over other content on your display.

Also some users are  now being given  options to select the video playback quality and also download clips for later offline viewing

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Facebook now supports HD Video Uploads For Android Users
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