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Create Your Own Stickers With Labeley App

Who doesn’t love stickers?! From fun messages to decorative image signs, stickers are simply lovable. You can stick them to almost anything: coffee mugs, cell phones, laptops, tablets, walls, windows, gift boxes, lockers, mailboxes, kitchen storage jars or any other plain surface. They’re an excellent way to personalize items.

There is only one thing that makes stickers even better, and that is the ability to design them all by yourself. Imagine how cool it would be if you could prepare themed party stickers for glasses, bottles, make place cards, invitations and much more. If you’re a sticker aficionado then Labeley’s sticker creator is the right place for you to unleash your inner artist and create stickers for any occasion.

Labeley is a free web-based app for generating custom stickers and labels. Although it allows customization of every aspect of the sticker, it is actually very easy to use and does not require any design knowledge. Hence, everyone can use it as long as they have a computer and an Internet connection.

he tool comes with a number of neat features:

Five different categories for creating general, kids, beer, wine and holiday stickers.

Create, save and download as many sticker designs as you like without even signing in and providing personal information.

Create custom stickers from scratch and choose from the huge database of free pre-designed shapes, background schemes, borders, graphics and font options.

An extra feature to upload any image from your computer and use it in your sticker design
Register a free user account and store all your sticker designs for further modification.

To start creating your stickers, just navigate to Labeley’s home page and click on the Start Designing button. Next, choose one of the five sticker categories. This step will take you directly to the tool’s interface. You will notice a message which gives you instruction to select a shape for your sticker. Once you’ve picked a shape, you can play with the rest of the sections and add graphics, borders, text, backgrounds or any other image from your computer. You can also rotate, resize, move or change the color of the elements until you’re satisfied with your design. With just a little creativity you can design stickers in minutes.

To save your design click on the Save Label button in the right upper corner. Your sticker will appear on the left side of the screen where you can download it on your computer by right clicking on it and choosing the Save as option.

Finally, once you have the sticker on your computer, print it out and apply it wherever you intended to. Head over to Labeley and create numerous original stickers for your belongings, parties, gifts etc. Labeley is a one stop solution for all your sticker need

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