Friday, 2 December 2016

Check Out Ford's Robot DJ YuMi

Ford Unveiled the brand new 2018 Ford Fiesta in style. The  launch event took place in a big warehouse that they carefully disguised as a club in Germany, so they did what anyone would have done. They had a  cool production-line robot named  YuMi act as DJ for the launch party.

I’m very sure no one even cared about the Fiesta after seeing this robot hit the beats. Unfortunately it does not come with the car so that you can have  party anywhere you travel to, but that would be quite awesome. Ford ought to really think about adding robots as an option with their cars. That’s the future!

You can check out how they trained YuMi with the help of a human DJ in the video below, check  Jalopnik to see the complete performance.

Ford at least rent this robot out for parties (lol) .

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Check Out Ford's Robot DJ YuMi
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