Saturday, 5 November 2016

You'll Soon Be Able To Buy Stuffs On Instagram

It seems most social networks are finding ways to keep its users glued to their apps. Instagram just introduced a new feature - "Shopping Tags". These tags are currently viewable to only to a selected few of iOS viewers in the US. Most of the early ad partners are fashion brands like Kate Spade and Karby Parker . Expansion to Android, video ads and other countries will follow as Instagram tries to figures out how it can display and recommend products. Eventually, you'll have the option of saving products you like so that you can buy them later.

Despite what you might think, Instagram doesn't take any commission every time you tap a "shop now" link. Instead, it's all about convincing advertisers to line up -- they may be more likely to pay if they know that they can turn your ad view into a purchase within seconds.

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You'll Soon Be Able To Buy Stuffs On Instagram
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