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Xiaomi Mi 6 May Be Released on March 2017

The Xiaomi Mi 6. According to an iSuppli analyst, will be released at around the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S8 will get its international launch (March 2017)- and amazingly , that model will also be powered by the Snapdragon 835.

Of course, this gist isn't verified yet, and it's important to tell you that it comes from the iSuppli analyst's personal Weibo account, so this prediction doesn't necessarily reflect his employer's views. Then again, the Mi 5 was announced in February this year and released in April, so if you don't see the Mi 6 around one year later it shouldn't shock you. I'm quite sure Xiaomi  outed the Mi 5s  not long ago, but it looks like some Chinese companies (OnePlus, for example) are switching to a release cycle of two flagships per year.

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