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WhatsApp Video Calling Is Now Available For All Users

WhatsApp is rolling out video calling today to its 1 billion + monthly users. That’s basically the whole story — if you’d like to use it, update the app, open a chat, and tap the familiar video camera icon in the top-right corner. The video chat results look like the video chatting you’ve done before on FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Google Duo: two faces, one in a smaller window, with a handful of small features for changing the position of the chat windows or turning the camera around.

It's really unimpressive that video calls took until November 2016 to arrive on Whatsapp. This reflects the app’s cautious  approach to product development. Whatsapp was initially launched in 2009, but group chats didn’t come until two years later, and voice calls didn’t come until four years after that.

That it took seven years for WhatsApp to add video calling likely reflects both the expense of doing so and the fact that many of its users around the world don’t have access to the high-bandwidth connections or data plans that would support it. And if version 1.0 of the video call looks basic, the company says it will evolve.

You have to get update your Whatsapp to get access to it.

I tested the new video calling feature and I must say it was quite okay despite  the fact my network connection was pretty bad . Voice quality on a much better connection won't be as good as you expect it but remember this is the first version with a video calling feature. So it's obviously going to improve with time.  Seems Imo just got themselves a very huge competitor.

How Much Data Does It Take?

Basically 29mb in 12 minutes that's about 2.41 mb per minute which is quite impressive. Skype, FaceTime and most video calling apps use 3mb per minute.

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