Saturday, 5 November 2016

Ukrainian Company Testing Microsoft's HoloLens as War Helmet

Microsoft obviously didn't think about using its HoloLens headset for a war helmet, but that fact will simply not Ukrainian company LimpidArmor from trying some pretty crazy experiments

According Defense Blog,  LimpidArmor  has started testing military equipment that includes a helmet with Microsoft's HoloLens headset integrated into it.

The helmet is designed for tank commanders to use alongside a Circular Review System (CRS) of cameras located on the sides of armored vehicles.

Microsoft's HoloLens then gathers feeds from the cameras outside to display them in the headset as a full 360-degree view
. The system also includes automatic target tracking, and the ability to highlight both enemies and allies and specific positions.

LimpidArmor demonstrated its headset at the Arms and Security show in Kiev, Ukraine last month, where Ukrainian military officials were in attendance. The system is only in beta phase yet, but it's a hint that the future might include HoloLens on the battlefield, in space, and in stores.  I wonder what Microsoft have to say about this.

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Ukrainian Company Testing Microsoft's HoloLens as War Helmet
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