Tuesday, 15 November 2016

SwiftKey Adds Incognito Mode To Its Keyboard

The latest SwiftKey update has taken the incognito feature out of beta and into the public release. This is quite a good development by SwiftKey. We all know there are some words we really wish our keyboard never learnt from us.

Incognito mode is accessed via the  menu at the top left of the keyboard. Simply activate it and SwiftKey will temporarily pay no mind to the cursing, x-rated words or other abusive talk you throw at it. I’m sure it’s  probably  designed to avoid having the name of a secret gift show up in the predictive bar when your girlfriend borrows your phone..  lol.

This feature arrives as part of the latest update available in Google Play right now. The update also delivers a few new keyboard layouts for you international types, including QWERTZ for Swiss French as well new extended layouts for Swiss German and Swiss Italian.

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SwiftKey Adds Incognito Mode To Its Keyboard
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