Friday, 25 November 2016

Lenovo May Buy Samsung's PC Division

Goodbye Samsung Pc's

In September, HP bought Samsung's printer division, and yet another shocking revelation from South Korea claims it might do the same with its PC division.

According to a report from a local news source In the country, the company has been in secret talks with Lenovo for the past few months, with the aim of selling its PC business to the Chinese company.

Some Korean analysts peg the sales value at 1 trillion won (around $850 million), but the final number can obviously be wildly different.

The printer business was sold because through its most recent reorganization Samsung wants to focus more on its core divisions, but also for the fact that printers aren't really breaking sales records anymore. Similarly, the PC market has been slowly shrinking over the past few years, and for the long run it might not be worth it for Samsung to invest in this area anymore.

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Lenovo May Buy Samsung's PC Division
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