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Why Google's Pixel Isn't WaterProof

Top smartphone brands are making their flagship devices fully water-resistant. Surprisingly, Google  disappointed us with its Pixel and Pixel XL which are obviously not waterproof because
Google did not have ample time to integrate it. According to
Pierce, a Reddit user, when he asked Google why these latest smartphones aren’t waterproof, the response was ‘We ran out of time.’

According to  Pierce, The development cycle of the Pixel and Pixel
XL was short. It was approximately ‘nine months from design to launch. Google abandoned its original plans for the flagships back at the end of 2015.

I must say it's quite interesting that Google did not pursue
waterproofing – like found on the latest flagships such as
Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 – the development of multi-million consumer products comes with tight deadlines
which have to be met.

Whether Google should be commended for its achievements
with the Pixels or criticized for failing to them waterproof, you can decide for yourself.
The Pixels instead feature IP53 certification for water and
dust resistance. This means that they can withstand water
splashes but not submersion.

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