Wednesday, 19 October 2016

LeEco's Super Bike Will Either Save Your Life Or Kill You

The bike has an embedded Android device in it — running what LeEco calls "Bike OS." It's basically a phone since it can connect to cellular networks, but there's a custom interface on it. It will handle your usual GPS duties, and also powers the bike's various features. Those include security that locks the rear wheel and also lets you track it if it gets stolen. It also has a security alarm and, we're told, a fingerprint sensor.

You can control the major features with three buttons on the center of the bike — power, camera, and lights. The Android phone is mounted just behind the handlebars. Under your thumbs are buttons for turn signals and other things functions like calling somebody or turning up the music.

It's all a lot to play with while you're weaving in and out of city traffic. So, uh, don't do that — distracted biking isn't much better than distracted driving when it comes to threatening your own life. In China, it costs around $800.

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LeEco's Super Bike Will Either Save Your Life Or Kill You
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