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How To Enable Swipe For Notifications On Google Pixel

Google surprisingly left some of the Pixel’s most amazing features disabled by default. One of its most interesting
software features is the gesture that
puts the fingerprint scanner after you have unlocked your android phone .

This gesture is called ‘Swipe for notifications’ and it works just as it's name . When the screen is on, all you have to do is to just swipe down the finger scanner and you will see your notifications and then swipe down again to open the Quick Settings panel

How To Enable This Feature

To enable the ‘Swipe for Notifications’ feature
Go to the Moves section on the main settings menu and then activate the switch next to the ‘Swipe for notifications’. I

You can also take a look at other ‘Moves’ as well. These features can also be turned off if you find them annoying.

1.  ‘Jump to Camera’ option , double clicking on the power button opens the camera application any time even
when your screen is off.

2.   ‘Flip camera’ option enables you to switch from rear camera to front
camera without touching the screen. This is simply done by twisting your wrist as you use the camera application.

Using the feature

When this feature is enabled, a downward swipe on the fingerprint scanner lets you see your notifications on your device’s
screen. Swiping down again makes the Quick Settings panels appear. This feature is a simple way of getting a quick status update without moving your thumb to the top of your device.

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