Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Aerovelo Eta is the World's Fastest Human Powered Vehicle

There's no room for anything else on the bike,so it's hard to use for your daily means of transport , but just think how fast you'd ride to work on the Aerovelo Eta which just set a new record for the World's Fastest Human-Powered vehicle reaching 89.59 miles per hour. That's faster than you're legally allowed to drive on most highways.

The record was broken at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge held in Battle Mountain, Nevada, but the Eta was in no way assisted by a downhill grade. Hitting 89.59 miles per hour was made possible by the skill and stamina of pilot Todd Reichert, who also happens to be one of Aerovolo's co-founders, as well as the technological improvements made to the bike.

The Eta might possibly be the most uncomfortable-looking recumbent bike imaginable, but its low center of gravity, razor-thin tires, lightweight frame, and bullet-like outer housing help minimize rolling friction and wind resistance.

In fact, the amount of pedaling energy needed to reach that record-breaking speed was roughly equivalent to how much power you'd need to illuminate three light bulbs. Maybe we should just give up on the idea of electric cars altogether and start pedaling everywhere we need to go instead.

No matter how fast this bike is. Riding this thing on Nigerian Roads is a suicide mission. Hell No.. I won't..

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The Aerovelo Eta is the World's Fastest Human Powered Vehicle
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