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How To Turn Your Android Phone To A Security Camera

There is really a lot an  Android  device can do for you even after it has become an old piece of technology that you just drop at home . For instance,  I guess you probably didn't know that   you can turn Android into a security camera.

Just like most amazing things with Android, the entire functionality of a security webcam can be brought with an app. An app created by Perch Technologies like remote security a possibility by helping you turn Android into securitycamera without spending a dime or going through a hard and complicated configuration.

Step 1: Install the Perch app

The amazing app that turns any Android device into a home monitor is called Perch. Although the Perch app is still in beta, it's  surprisingly available for free.

So go ahead and search for Perch in the Google Play Store or download it using the link below:

Download Perch – Simple Home Monitoring

Step 2: Create an account with Perch to start streaming

Once you have the app installed, sign up and create your account with Perch. Your Perch account will enable you to sign into the app from other devices and monitor the footage recorded by your Android.

The app’s main menu will give you the option to “Set Up As a Camera”, so tap on it and grant the app Camera permissions. On the next screen, you can tap on the field and give the “security camera” a nickname.

You can also choose the option for “Audio Recording” and enable “Connected to Wi-Fi” and “Plugged In To Power Source”. These options will ensure that the recording features of the Android device are enabled only when connected to a  WiFi Network  and while being charged.

Step 3: Access Live Feed from Android anywhere

Once you have learned how to turn Android into security camera, it is time to try out remote monitoring with Perch. To know what your Android is recording back at home, head over to getperch.com from any web browser.

Sign in with the account you had created earlier and you will be able to see the live feed from your Android device. From this screen, you can set up other features like motion detection by pressing the “+” icon.

You can also move the cursor to a particular zone and zoom in on it for motion monitoring. Perch will automatically notify you via email and phone whenever something in your highlighted area seems to move around.

Are you ready to turn Android into security camera rather than spending thousands of naira on a complicated security monitor
Download the app and enjoy.

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