Saturday, 24 September 2016

How To Monitor A Friend's Calls Remotely From Your Phone

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1.Download The ACR Call App From The Link Below


2. Install On Your Device

Open The App and Tick All The Boxes Given.

Go To Settings On The App

Select Cloud Services. You should see something like the image above.  Here you can choose where the app uploads the recorded calls too If you don't have a yahoo account but you have a  Gmail account I'll advice you create a fake gmail address to do this.

It's safer to use Dropbox.  Just head over to  create an account there and verify your email address. After that reopen the app. Connect it to your Dropbox account.

Now to get the ACR Icon off the notification bar.

Go to the General tab under settings.
. Remove the notification icon.. You're done.. Now to hide the app..

Most launchers come with the option to hide an app. Just press the option button on your device when you get to the app drawer.  Hide the app and you're good to go.. Have Questions. Use the comment box...

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How To Monitor A Friend's Calls Remotely From Your Phone
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